New scientific publication

With Dr. Martin Kraepelien, licensed psychologist and doctor of medical science, at the spearhead, the article "Individually tailored internet treatment in routine care: A feasibility study" has been published.

From the abstract:

"Introduction: Disorder-specific internet treatment, based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, has been a part of routine psychiatric care in Sweden since 2007, provided at the Internet Psychiatry Clinic in Stockholm. Individually tailored treatments, with the opportunity to target more than one condition within the same treatment, has since then been evaluated in randomized trials with promising results. To introduce an individually tailored treatment into a clinical setting originally designed for disorder-specific processes creates challenges, such as how to choose the optimal treatment type for each patient.


Results: A majority (65%) of patients screened had at least 2 comorbid problem areas, although 25% of these comorbid patients that where allocated with the help of the proposed routine still initiated disorder-specific treatment. The proposed assessment routine functioned satisfactorily within the up and running internet clinic. The individually tailored treatment was promising regarding satisfaction, credibility, adherence, and preliminary reductions in symptoms. A notable challenge encountered was that the platform was not set up to assist with assessment process or outcome monitoring for individually tailored treatment.

Conclusions: It seems feasible to combine individually tailored internet treatment and disorder-specific internet treatment within the same internet clinic. The addition of tailored treatment may prove to increase the number of patients included in treatment."

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