Viktor Kaldo

Viktor Kaldo is a licensed psychologist and associate professor at Karolinska Institutet, and professor at the Linnaeus University.

Viktor Kaldos research group consists mainly of clinical psychologists and psychiatrists who do research on internet-based psychological interventions with the following goals:

  • To develop and use randomized controlled trials to evaluate internet-based psychological interventions for different mental health problems. Some of the interventions that have been developed are for insomnia, insomnia with concurrent depression, comorbid depression and anxiety, antenatal depression, nightmares, adult ADHD and Parkinson's disease.  
  • To use the potential of internet and computers to develop methods reaching beyond the limitations of traditional treatment formats. Examples of these projects are to predict treatment results in internet interventions - with or without help from a learning machine, to develop new technical treatment platforms, mobile applications and individually-tailored interventions where treatment content is adapted to handle patients who present multiple problems.
  • To increase the general knowledge of psychological interventions by exploiting the advantages of the computerized format: the ability to treat many patients at a relatively low cost, a high degree of control over what treatment components a patient receives, and the relative simpleness of doing patient assessments during treatment. Examples of this line of research is to explore which of the methods sleep restriction or sleep compression that is more effective in the treatment of insomnia, investigate the neurocognition in insomnia with concurrent depression, or to investigate how the relation between patient and therapist relates to treatment adherence.
  • To maximize the benefit by implementing new interventions in routine care. Examples of implementation is through Internetpsykiatri in Stockholm and to test new models for how patients in primary care optimally can transfer to high quality internet interventions. At Internetpsykiatri there's a continuous quality control of the treatments and Cecilia Svanborg who is a member of the research group, has  developed and is responsible for the quality registry SibeR, which evaluate the implementation of internet treatments all over Sweden. Another important task is to verify that the methods used for patient reported results are valid and practical.