About the treatment

Please note that the Internet-based treatment described on this website is conducted in Swedish and only available to people registered and living in Sweden.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an effective treatment for insomnia. Earlier studies have shown that self-help programs from books or via the Internet, especially when being supervised by a CBT-trained therapist, have a good effect.

The Internet-based treatment for insomnia is a self-help program divided into eight steps (modules). Throughout the treatment you will also be filling out a sleep diary.

Each module consists of a text that you read and exercises that you do. At the beginning of the treatment, it is quite an extensive text to read and understand, and you need to carry out practical tasks on your own.

One usually have to spend an average of half an hour per day on the treatment and be prepared to make changes to your sleep habits to fully have benefit of the content.

The treatment runs over a period of 9 weeks and during that time you will have continual contact with a psychologist via messages sent to each other over the treatment's web platform.

The psychologist answers questions and provides feedback on the tasks and exercises you do. Every morning and evening you fill in your sleep diary and every week you fill in rating scales so that the psychologist can follow how it goes.

The treatment focuses on different themes:

  • Information on sleep, insomnia and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Work with sleep habits
  • Handle thoughts in bed and during the day
  • Handle anxiety and stress
  • Prevent relapse and plan for the future

Please notice

The Internet-based treatment described on this website is conducted in Swedish and only available to people registered and living in Sweden.