About the treatment

Please note that the Internet-based treatment described on this website is conducted in Swedish and only available to people registered and living in Sweden.

Internet-based treatment for OCD

The Internet-based treatment for OCD is a self-help program divided into 10 parts (modules). Each module consists of a text that you read and exercises that you work with. The texts can be fairly extensive and you need to be able to carry out practical exercises on your own.

You need to set off approximately one hour per day to work with the treatment in order to have full benefit from it.

The treatment program runs over a period of 12 weeks and during that time you will have regular contact with a psychologist via messages sent over the treatment's web platform.

The psychologist answers questions and gives feedback on the assignments and exercises that you do.

The treatment focuses on different themes:

  • Information about OCD.
  • Registering obsessive thoughts/other obsessions and compulsive behaviors that occur in different situations.
  • Exposure with response prevention.
    • Exposure: to gradually face situations that provoke anxiety.
    • Response prevention: to gradually quit compulsive rituals.

Exposure with response prevention (ERP) is to expose oneself to a fearful situation and refrain from compulsive rituals. The more you practice ERP the less intrusive your obsessions will become and you won’t feel the same need to do the compulsive rituals.

Please notice

The Internet-based treatment described on this website is conducted in Swedish and only available to people registered and living in Sweden.