New forms of CBT

New forms of CBT

Over recent years new methods have been developed within the cognitive behavioral therapy ethos, for example dialectic behavioral therapy (DBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Both contain influences from eastern traditions and focus on balancing the work of change with acceptance of emotions and thoughts.

You focus, for example, on so-called Mindfulness, your overall values, awareness of the effect of language and your ability to manage strong emotions and have a non-dominant attitude.

These new forms of CBT are more-or-less translatable to a self-help format. For example, DBT is to a great extent formed around the therapeutic use of the relationship between therapist and patient, and is therefore likely to be more difficult to translate fully into the form of self-help based treatment that Internet treatment is.

All Internet treatments mediated by Internetpsykiatri and OCD-programmet are based on common, manual-based CBT, containing different forms of the cognitive and behavioral-directed elements. There are sometimes, however, certain elements involved from these therapy forms mentioned on this website.